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How to teach

 Clear Goals and Precise Feedback

Demonstrate and explain: then provide feedback during

or immediately after the performance.   

View video of your skiing


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Use Exercises.

Progressions- static, traverse, second half of turn 

Explore- fore/aft,  up/down, lateral, rotary

Variety- small/large turns, add speed, steepness

What to teach

Stance- fighting stance over center of the skis

Weight transfer- to outside ski

Inside lead- foot, hip, shoulder forward  

Flex ankles- offensive forward movement

Tip- to outside of the turn to create angles (angulation)

                                     Two ways to turn-

                       you turn the skis or the skis turn you 


Pressure- turning creates pressure that pushes skiers back and inside the turn

Natural moves- people make natural moves; back, turning the upper body first, and leaning inside the turn which are opposite skiing moves.  It takes a long time to replace natural moves with skiing moves, and it is a constant challenge to maintain ski moves when speed, conditions, and steepness change. Top racers get coaching every day to develop and maintain skiing moves. Moving offensively is the hardest move to make, so it can be very productive to work on facing more downhill and angulation even if more of the tail of the ski is being used.  Clear goals and precise feedback are the keys to success. 


The frequency, intensity, and duration of training determine the outcome. Set goals relative to training time. 

Ski into the position on the left by progressive flexing the ankles and tipping the upper body to the outside of the turn.

Assess - Ask about experience and then evaluate

Teach- appropriate skills for their level, & proper pace


                                 New Skiers

-Walk in circle, side step, herringbone

 -Static exercises, fighting stance, fore/aft, up/down, side to side and rotary 

-Wedge stop, wedge change up, stay centered, lots of practice before turning video 

-Link wedge turns, straight downhill, slight turn by turning both feet, or flexing one ankle at a time 

-Use gentle slope to keep them offensive

-Increase speed, make quicker weight transfer

-Smooth down and up, pole touch(up, touch, turn) 

-Stem turn Video

-Skating with poles

-Kick turns


-Inside lead&angulation-hand to knee, horizontal poles